Noise control of ventilation plant and equipment is one of the most critical aspects of any building project. Noise control is now a critical part of every mechanical specification from external noise restrictions on the roof/building exterior to plantroom noise levels, in duct noise restrictions to the NR requirements within the building. As a supplier of AHUs, fans, grilles, CAVs/VAVs and acoustic solutions we offer our clients a unique service.

Eurovent Certified

Q-nis can provide acoustic review of the ventilation plant and layout and advise on compliance of the required noise levels to the exterior/ interior of the building. This would involve a detailed examination of the plantroom equipment, AHU/Fan noise levels (breakout & in duct), duct layout, attenuators, fan coil units, plenum boxes/grilles to determine what the projected NR levels would be. Once the report is complete we will advise on the acoustic requirements/changes to meet the noise levels. Q-nis can also provide on-site noise level readings with our in house acoustic engineer using our calibrated sound level meter.

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Sample acoustic reports are available and a copy of our CPD is available upon request.
If you would like to book a CPD for your company please do not hesitate to contact us.

Acoustic services and products available.

  • Rectangular Attenuators
  • Circular Attenuators
  • Crosstalks
  • FCU Attenuators
  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Acoustic Louvres
  • Acoustic review/report of ventilation plant and duct layout
  • Acoustic on site measurements
  • Q-nis CPD